If you are interested in having Parry Stelter do a workshop in your community or in your church email him at [email protected]

The three main workshops he does are:

1-Understanding Indigenous People More: If your Indigenous this workshop may help yo understand yourself more and for the nonindigenous person it will help you be better informed about not only some of the history of Canada, but other questions you’ve may have had for years.  

This workshop can be done in a one hour zoom workshop, a one to two hour in person workshop, or a workshop that runs from 9am to 2pm with a lunch break and then close with a Sharing Circle.

2-Understanding Grief, Loss, and Intergenerational Trauma from an Indigenous Perspective: This workshop will not only point out how we all go through grief, and loss, but that some of us have gone through what is called intergenerational trauma. These are common with Indigenous People for a variety of reasons. 

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3-Understanding  the Broad Belief System of Indigenous Christians: This workshop will help you understand how even when an Indigenous person is a Christian that their expressions of faith and worship may be varied. It also help churches understand how they can be more effective in relating to Indigenous People in the church. 

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