Parry Stelter is originally from Alexander First Nation and is happily married to Angeline Stelter. Angeline is originally from Paul First Nation. They were married in the year 2000 and have found they have a lot in common. They were both adopted off their reserves and grew up in Christian families. After living according to the world, they gave themselves more fully to building the kingdom of  God and living more for Jesus based on the truths of scripture. Angeline had 4 children before marrying Parry. She has three sons named Lance, Steven, and Aaron. She also has a daughter named Kimmy. Parry had two sons before marrying Angeline. They are named Ashton and Charles. They have three daughters together named Rachelle, who passed away of crib death at 7 months of age, and Ashley and Leigh-Anne.

Angeline currently drives a semi-truck with a class 1 license while supporting Parry in every area of his life, as Parry in turn supports her in every area of her life. Parry has a Diploma in Correctional Services, a Bachelor of Human Justice Degree, and a Master of Divinity Degree. He is currently half way through the Doctorate of Ministry Program through Providence Theological Seminary.

Parry’s desire to work with adults in community corrections came to an end as he struggled with alcoholism.  When he recovered from the damages and wreckage of that sort of life, he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to spreading the word of God to his own Aboriginal people. Giving them the type of hope that never fades and lasts an eternity.

Parry has also done extensive volunteer work at a variety of non-profit Christian organizations, such as Hope Mission. He has now decided to follow his dream of having his own Bible Teaching Ministry.

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Parry spends most of his time developing messages of hope, based on the Bible. To inquire about Parry speaking at your church/retreat you can contact him at [email protected]. or see him at Face book Wordofhopeministries Canada.

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