If you are able to help me with a financial gift I won’t be able to provide a tax receipt, because I don’t have charitable status. If you can help with a gift you can e-transfer it to [email protected] or mail a cheque to Parry Stelter # 9 Glenview Cres Stony Plain, AB T7Z  1A7

These are my current reason for seeking help: 

  1. I’ve been putting off finding part time work to do, alongside my ministry work, and doctoral studies, due to my daughter having stage 3 ovarian cancer. I need to be there 24/7 in case of an emergency or unexpected complications. My wife works full time and I get a small living allowance with my student funding and bring in small revenue from writing and speaking.

  2. We’ve had some unexpected expenses that have totaled $8000.00 in the last few month.  

  3. I’m trying to catch up on my rent still.


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