Reasons to Contribute Financially to This Ministry

1. Word of Hope Ministries Society provides a weekly bible teaching broadcast within the CIAM radio family of stations at  There you will be able to listen broadcasts Sundays at 11am and Wednesdays at 8pm. There are approximately 10 hours preparation for each sermon before it is recorded and another 5 hours of recording and editing at the radio station. That’s 15 hours of preparation for each sermon, but no revenue to cover the time spent. This is where your grace and generosity comes in. With your financial contributions the ministry can spend more time developing sermons, rather then working in the secular workplace to provide finances.

2. Parry speaks at a variety of churches and retreats. The ministry takes whatever honorarium is offered. This usually covers fuel and a few expenses, but is not considered a source of regular income. If you are interested in having Parry speak at your church or retreat contact him by e-mail at or reach him on Face book under username: Wordofhopeministries Canada or on Twitter under the username: Parry Stelter@wordofhopemin

3. Parry writes a regular column in the “Indian Life” newspaper that is published every two months. This newspaper reaches thousands of Indigenous Peoples across North America. See newspaper at

4. Parry has published a book for his Aboriginal people of Canada. This book will give them hope adhering to Biblical standards.  The proceeds go to the running of the ministry.

It is the desire of Parry Stelter to build this ministry up to the point where he can spend all his time on sermon development and the upkeep of the website, that will have free ongoing bible study services available.

Thank-you for considering this ministry in your financial giving. If you wish to support this Ministry you can send a cheque to Word of Hope Ministry Society at 11525-23 Ave, T6J-4T3, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When the ministry gets not for profit charitable status a tax deductible receipts can be made available, but that hasn’t taken place yet. Only a regular receipt will be given.